We introduced a new dimension to the show last year with a Keynote Theatre. Throughout the day, we had several different presentations, which were received well by all the delegates. This year we are going to continue with the Keynote Theatre.
Confirmed Speakers for this year’s show

10:45 BTC Annual General Meeting

BTC will be hosting their annual general meeting at 10:45 am, Wednesday 24th October 2018. The meeting is open to members only.

11:30 Dermot Butler – BoscaBet

“You’re the Editor” – How Boscabet lets you choose your content and when to put it on your walls.

Dermot Butler Commercial Director outlines how Boscabet offers the bookmaker a more dynamic, more visual and more compelling content offering than the majors. He will show how the bookmaker quickly determines what content is shown on your screens to reflect the changing betting opportunities throughout the day as well as tying in all your promotions and offers, ultimately driving up your profit margins.

12: 30 Howard Chisholm, Director, Bookmakers Technology Consortium Ltd.

During his presentation, Howard will pose the question, “Are independent bookmakers: dead and buried?” He will discuss whether it is likely that the independent sector can survive with the challenges ahead.  Increases in media rights cost have already reduced the number of independent shops in the UK and Ireland to under 1,300, will this reduction in numbers continue?  At what point does the independent sector implode due to a lack of shops to support critical infrastructure?  Are SSBT’s a friend or foe to the independent? How will the sector cope with the loss of B2 content?

Howard was one of the four bookmakers who started Bookmakers Technology Consortium over 10 years ago.  The BTC is a not for profit co-operative which provides technology services to independent bookmakers in the UK and Ireland.  Within the BTC bookmakers work together to ensure that the services required by bookmakers are delivered in a cost-effective and professional manner.

Traditionally BTC provides EPOS and display screen services to betting shops but now also provides an audio channel mixing TRP, SIS and studio-generated content for independent shops.  The VIP virtual channels which provide Bingo, Racing and a Roulette are now available in over 200 independent shops in the UK and Ireland.

13: 30 Stephen Foster and Graham Burgin – Gambling Commission

Sharing good practice to help operators raise compliance standards

We will share the lessons arising from our casework and provide good practice advice to help operators of all size and scale raise their standards and make gambling fairer and safer for consumers in Great Britain.  Specifically, we will provide advice in relation to AML, Customer Interaction, Self-exclusion and Complaints and Disputes.  At the end of the session, we will be happy to take questions from the floor (on anything compliance related!).


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